Growing Oncidium species in Brisbane by D.W. Brough March, 1973. Growing Oncidium species in Brisbane, especially over the last six years I have  found that invariably, better results have been achieved under glasshouse conditions  as against shade cloth.  Firstly I would like to describe my glasshouse. It is 22ft. long by 12ft. wide, running  east to west. The northern wall is approximately 9ft. rising to 13ft.6ins. at the peak,  with considerable top ventilation. The southern wall is similar and there is batten  ventilation on both sides and ends. The floor has a covering of sawdust about twelve  inches deep which is constantly wet and this retains a relatively high humidity while  still allowing good air movement at all times.  Mixtures have for the best part, been those at hand at the time of receiving a plant. It  is hoped to have them potted in Todea fibre or bark and charcoal One of these days  with the exception of a few I like to grow on tree fern slabs; namely Oncidium  gardneri, ebolleta and sarcodes. I prefer to put my Oncidiums in baskets which  allow the roots better freedom and aeration rather than in pots. Wherever possible I  like to hang my plants rather than use benches, although this is not always practical.  Watering is not done to any special routine or restricted to daylight hours in the  summer months. I later when I consider it necessary provided I have the time; quite  often it is over a week between waterings in the winter months.  Fertilising: my feeding program has always been rather spasmodic, with large gaps  between spraying, a1though I do like to change the feed as often as possible. During  the last nine months I have also been using Mag-Amp as I repot; sometimes at the  base of the pot, sometimes on the top; both with the same degree of success.         (Continued) Growing Oncidium species in Brisbane Environmental Conditions for Vandaceous Orchids Adelopetalum bracteatum Aerangis modesta Ancistrochilus rothschildianus Ascocentrum christensonianum Bulbophyllum annandalei   Bulbophyllum dissitiflorum Bulbophyllum hamelinii  Bulbophyllum lasiochilum Bulbophyllum lobbii Bulbophyllum schillerianum Cattleya loddigesii Cattleya skinneri Coelia triptera Cymbidium erythraeum More Articles