Dendrobium bracteosum by Maurie Page This plant inhabits the lowlands of Papua New Guinea. It grows from the shoreline up  to 1200 meters as quoted in some texts. My understanding is that the majority are  found in mangrove swamps. There are apparently some spectacular examples from  the Trobriand and Rossel islands.  This species flower colour is predominantly pink of various shades. White and almost  red clones are also generally available if you look. There is reputedly an orange and a  yellow form but I have yet to see one. I am in the market if anyone comes across one. My plant came from a flask sold by Phil Spence at the Australian Orchid Council held  in Brisbane some years ago. I had four plants survive and all are now flowering size.  The characteristics in growth and flowers are diverse. One still refuses to flower.  The plant on display has the most robust growth and is the most prolific flowerer but  has the least intense colour. You can�t have everything.  One of the best reasons to grow this plant is the extent of the flowering season. The  first of these blooms opened in December. The major display is in February and  March and there should still be some blooms lasting to May.  It provides a wonderful consistent source of colour in your greenhouse.  This plant is growing on a thick clump of the local treefern. It is hung on the very top  of an A frame under 50% shadecloth. It gets high light.  (Continued) Dendrobium bracteosum  Dendrobium canaliculatum Dendrobium hodgkinsonii Dendrobium ruckeri Dendrobium williamsonii Dimerandra buenaventurae Eria albidotomentosa Eria lobata Galeandra dives Hoffmannseggella fournieri Isabelia pulchella More Articles