Cymbidium erythraeum By Warren Williams For this news letter I will discuss the cultural requirements that I grow my  Cymbidium erythraeum ' Paradise ' x self in. I purchased this species from Royale Orchids back in 2004 as an unflowered  advanced seedling. Since I live in Toowoomba it's climate makes it perfect for  growing cymbidiums in. I grow this plant in small bark and under white shade cloth  near the base of the shade house with a gravel floor where it receives bright light. I  fertilize this plant once a week with a variety of fertilizers that I use on my  Australian Natives. This plant has shown to be quite tolerant of cold conditions in  winter. Growing Oncidium species in Brisbane Environmental Conditions for Vandaceous Orchids Adelopetalum bracteatum Aerangis modesta Ancistrochilus rothschildianus Ascocentrum christensonianum Bulbophyllum annandalei   Bulbophyllum dissitiflorum Bulbophyllum hamelinii  Bulbophyllum lasiochilum Bulbophyllum lobbii Bulbophyllum schillerianum Cattleya loddigesii Cattleya skinneri Coelia triptera Cymbidium erythraeum More Articles