Coelia triptera by Bruce & Chris Bennett The only reference I have on this species is in A Golden Guide Orchids by  Shuttleworth, Zim, and Dillon, who state that Coelia is a monotypic genus,  although formerly other species now placed in Bothriochilus were included. The  flowers of C.triptera lack a column-foot present in Bothriochilus.  Bechtel, Cribb, and Launert in The Manual of Cultivated Orchid Species state that  H.G.Reichenbach considered Bothriochilus to be a synonym of Coelia but that  currently the two genera are considered distinct. They do not list C.triptera or any  other Coelia species. Distribution of 4 species of Bothriochilus is listed as from  Mexico to Panama. Botanica’s Pocket Orchids list 2 species of Coelia viz., C. bella and  C.macrostachya, with a note that Bothriochilus bellus is a synonym of Coelia bella  but with no listing of the genus Bothriochilus. They state that Coelia is a genus of  about 5 species distributed from Mexico and the West Indies to Guatemala,  Honduras, El Salvador, and Panama, mostly epiphytic, but also terrestrial and  lithophytic.  Our plant is growing in a 150mm pot of perlite and peat, hanging high in the shade  house and seems to like even moisture all year. It consists of 12 roundish  pseudobulbs up to 40x45mm, each with up to 5 long leaves. It had 2 upright  inflorescence shorter than the leaves, of 30-40 small white flowers each with thin  brown sheaths 30mm long standing out between flowers. Each flower is on a 3mm  pedicle, a pale green 3 sided ovary 8mm long, with sepals and petals 9mm long, all  up 20mm. The flowers are non-resupinate, cupped and have brown markings at the  base of the labellum and on the column top.  September 2003. Growing Oncidium species in Brisbane Environmental Conditions for Vandaceous Orchids Adelopetalum bracteatum Aerangis modesta Ancistrochilus rothschildianus Ascocentrum christensonianum Bulbophyllum annandalei   Bulbophyllum dissitiflorum Bulbophyllum hamelinii  Bulbophyllum lasiochilum Bulbophyllum lobbii Bulbophyllum schillerianum Cattleya loddigesii Cattleya skinneri Coelia triptera Cymbidium erythraeum More Articles