Bulbophyllum lasiochilum By Rod Aisthorpe This a miniature size species ranges from Burma and Thailand to Malaya. The pseudobulbs are ovoid in shape about 2 cm high and spaced a few centimetres apart on a creeping rhizome . Each bears a solitary leaf about 5 cm long. The flower is produced singly on a 4cm stem and is distinguished by long hairs along the margins of the labellum and inrolled lateral sepals which converge at their apices. There are several colour formes from creamy with red small blotches to several other darker formes. It is easily cultivated on a slab or in a saucer in warm to intermediate conditions. The plant shown at June meeting is saucer grown in bark , coconut husk and polystyrene and hanging about 1.5 meters from the floor. During the winter the roof and three sides of the house are covered with solo weave with a gap at top of the ends open for ventilation. In summer the solo weave covers are removed, leaving it covered with 70% shade cloth. Synonyms, Cirrhopetalum lasiochilum 1874, Phyllorchis lasiochila 1891, Cirrhopetalum breviscapum 1905, bulbophyllum breviscapum 1907. Growing Oncidium species in Brisbane Environmental Conditions for Vandaceous Orchids Adelopetalum bracteatum Aerangis modesta Ancistrochilus rothschildianus Ascocentrum christensonianum Bulbophyllum annandalei   Bulbophyllum dissitiflorum Bulbophyllum hamelinii  Bulbophyllum lasiochilum Bulbophyllum lobbii Bulbophyllum schillerianum Cattleya loddigesii Cattleya skinneri Coelia triptera Cymbidium erythraeum More Articles